I found this blog while looking for some discussion questions to go with the book Wikimonics. Even if we don't use the blog I really like this: (plnaugle)


For each chapter, recall 3 new ideas or nuggets of information you learned; share 2 reasons you believe this is important to you as an educator, or education in general; and reflect on 1 thing you might "do" differently as a result of your discovery.

I thought it would be fun to use the already created questions and post our comments to that blog.

Wikinomics and Education?

Chapter 1: The Art and Science of Peer Production

Chapter 2: The Perfect Storm

Chapter 3: The Peer Pioneers

Chapter 4: Ideagoras

Chapter 5 - The Prosumers

Chapter 6: The New Alexandrians

Chapter 7: Platforms for Participation

Chapter 8: The Global Plant Floor

Chapter 9: The Wiki Workplace